Have you ever had a hard time keeping track of a big group project? Do you ever wish you could find a way to promote a competition or school event? Want to get more attention for your student group or club? In case you haven't met yet, please allow us to introduce you to Google Sites.

Google Sites are a great tool for students - for example, as a way to work with others to collaborate on a group project. You can embed a calendar to keep track of deadlines; or a Google spreadsheet to keep track of your research. When it comes time to turn in your project, you can even include videos or slide shows right in your site.

If you want to promote a school event like a class election, you can create a site with videos and information about all of the candidates and even embed a Google form so students can vote or send feedback. Here's an example site for a Ski Club, to give you an idea of what's possible.

To see how some students are using Google Sites in the classroom, check out our new Sites for Teachers page.