Introduction: We’ve added another intern to our “Diary of a Summer Intern” series. Meet Remo Kommnick, a YouTube online media sales intern. Remo is studying business administration and Chinese at the University of Richmond in Virginia and is spending his summer interning at Google in Dublin, Ireland. Without further ado, let’s hear from Remo himself!

Hi Everyone!

My first few weeks as a YouTube online media sales intern at Google’s European headquarters in Dublin, Ireland have been both the most fun and the most challenging I’ve had at a job.

As much as Noogler (new Googler) orientation initiates us into the world of Google, nothing can prepare you for all the insider phrases like, “Pls check the SEEMEA CSR & their CID trix” (for an explanation, read on). Working at Google quickly means learning the Google language. Googlers use acronyms alot as it simplifies conversations in the long run. In the short run, however, that means sitting through meetings and only hearing Na’vi. Fortunately, Google has its own internal glossary, which makes looking up TLAs (Three Letter Acronyms) much easier.

As part of my core project I am overhauling one of YouTube’s internal websites, which is a key training resource for Google’s EMEA based sales teams. I also have a number of side projects which I work on during various times of the week.

One of the greatest things about working for Google is the innovative freedom we have as Nooglers. Just this week I noticed that a manual data-mining task that would have taken weeks to complete could be automized instead. My manager let me reach out to another engineering intern who ended up writing the script that completed the project within two days. I am grateful to be working for a company in which everybody works in tandem to help each other achieve their goals.

It is no secret that Google takes fantastic care of all its employees (including interns). It’s one thing to be tricked out with your own laptop, eat gourmet food every day and have enough merchandise to make you look like you could be the official Google mascot, but the real value in working here is having constant access to talented people that are working to make a difference.

Within the past three weeks, I was able to meet former Nobel Peace Prize winner, Betty Williams, and Google’s executive chairman, Eric Schmidt. Besides these noteworthy personalities, I am even more fortunate to be working on a team that is always open to questions, makes sure I never fall behind and enables me to have a considerable impact on our work.

When I am not spending time at the office, I take advantage of all the beautiful places Ireland has to offer. Last week, my fellow Nooglers and I took a day trip to Howth. It is less than an hour away from Dublin and offers the perfect mix between an exhausting hike along the cliffs and a serene spot to enjoy some Irish coffee.

When all is said and done, it is extremely difficult to epitomize in a couple of paragraphs everything Google has to offer its employees and interns. It is as much an individual growing experience as it is a team-building one. I hope everyone who is interested in working at Google one day applies to spend a summer interning here.

As for the jargon-filled brain teaser I brought up at the beginning of this post, the translation is: "Please check the Southern and Eastern Europe, Middle East and Africa Customer Service Representatives and their Customer Identification spreadsheet." Now you see why we use so many abbreviations!

Talk to you soon!

Fun Google Fact: At Google we aspire to leave a minimal carbon footprint. That’s why, in one of our cafes, you can power the blender to make your smoothie by hopping on a bike.

Posted by Jessica Safir, University Programs Coordinator